Stefan Haucke

Based on the blurb, I knew I would enjoy Shadows of Ghosts, but I never thought I'd love it as much as I did.

It's fantastic!

          -Melisa Greenfield, Mells Shelves

Shadows of Ghosts is a great read for pre-teens and teens, and really, for people of all ages​.

         -Douglas Cobb,


         -Happy Tails and Tales Blog

The book is very well written. . .I would heartily recommend it to everyone.

         -R.P. BenDedek, Magic City Morning Star



Shadows of Ghosts carries readers to Enara, a kingdom at war with itself, where for centuries centaurs have been treated like animals because of their horse-like lower bodies; they've been forced to work as slaves in the southern agricultural provinces, and have been bought and sold like livestock. But a strong abolitionist faction has convinced many that centaurs' human torsos, heads, and intellectual abilities make them humans, who should be liberated from slavery and granted the same rights as any other person.


After four years of being forced to live in a remote village and having to keep his real identity a secret, Cal Lanshire, days away from his thirteenth birthday, is given the best birthday present he can imagine. He is told the war is almost over and he will soon be allowed to return home.


 But then an old acquaintance unexpectedly arrives with news that changes everything. Cal's father, the king, has been assassinated.






Suddenly the outcome of the war and the very fate of the kingdom depend upon Cal being able to reach the capital where he will take his father's place.


With only his crafty best friend by his side and an escaped centaur slave to guide him, can Cal make it through an enchanted hostile wilderness, past the assassins sent to kill him, and back to the capital before it's too late?